About us


"Systemic d.o.o." is a company with many years of experience in selling assets for maintenance and hygiene for industry and facilities. In addition to selling we provide education to our customers in the field of using concentrated cleaning products  and specialized equipment. Our mobile teams are always available to our customers.


The company is doing business over 100 years, based in Wuppertal. Originally, when the company "Paul Portmann" was taken by Georg Erich Linker's still operating under ing.C.Linker Chemische Fabrik GmbH. In the seventies, a section for the production and research was built in the westphalian Sprockhoevel. Since 1988 the management of the entire company is under the Christian-Linker. Original offices in Wuppertal are there and still serve the purpose of internal administration and marketing.

Production pallets for buildings cleaning with over 450 products for all areas of application. Industrial application with special cleaning agents as for example: cleaning agents for the aircraft, platinum and membranes. Dispersion of artificial materials for floors protection and care. Disinfectant for almost all areas of the DGHM and the Bayer.

Linker-Chemie supplies to Germany and the whole European community, either directly or through commercial dealers.

On average 300 tonnes of liquid cleaning and disinfection of protection.

In 22 production reservoires can produce 124 tons of cleaning products. The minimum quantity is 600 liters, the largest 24,000 liters.

Two section for smaller packaging 500 ml. and 1000 ml. capacity of the 30 packages provide a flexible supply of customers. Following packages can be offered in 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5 lit. 10 lit. 100 lit. 200 lit. 500 lit. and 1000 lit. Liquids.

Own fleet of cargo motor vehicles from 7,5-24 tons. Schenker AG, and UPS Logistics LOXX guarantee a safe and orderly supply of customers. Laboratories for the development of products, as well as ensuring quality and safety at all times quick response to customers' requirements and the persistence of the product. Our technical branch helps solve all problems.